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Clarification about Game Content Empty Clarification about Game Content

on Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:03 pm
Dear friends,

In the last week, a lot of people joined the project's community after a Many Milles Away video; so welcome all! 

I want to clarify a few things that I have read about the project and its content. First of all, I strongly recommend you to read the project section of the main page to understand the background and the direction of the project: https://www.steelgearsimulator.com/Home/Project

After that, I want to clarify the questions about Virtual Reality and Multi-Crew. Both are in the wishlist of Steel Gear Simulator, but none of them will be included in the first game. Steel Gear: Stalingrad is planned to be developed by one person, so the addition of more features would delay the project to unreasonable dates.

If Stalingrad successes, multi-crew will be added in the next or one of the subsequent expansions. The development and inclusion of VR are not clear at this moment, and it would be developed in a far future.

With this info, I hope I have solved the doubts about these two features. I don't want the people to buy my game expecting things that are not going to be included in it. For this reason, I try to be completely transparent, providing all the info on the website and the communities.

Also, I announce that the next purchasing period will start tomorrow, July 17th at 12:00h UTC until July 28th at 23:59 UTC. This period could be extended if there are not problems related.
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