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Alpha v1.0.2 Patch Notes Empty Alpha v1.0.2 Patch Notes

on Tue Jul 23, 2019 2:25 pm
Alpha v1.0.2 Patch Notes

  • Now the client generates the bullet that the player's vehicle shoots. The server's bullet generated is not sent to the player that shot it.
  • Now the ping is displayed with labels. Good when ping is less than 100ms; Medium when ping is equal or greater than 100ms and less than 200ms; High when ping is equal or greater than 200ms and less than 300ms; Very High when ping is equal or greater than 300ms; 
  • Now the server only notifies the bullets that are at 3000m or less from the player's position.
  • Now the 2D versions of the trees are rendered correctly at night.
  • Minor technical changes.
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