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Retrospective and Future Empty Retrospective and Future

on Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:11 pm
Retrospective and Future

Dear friends,

First of all, I want to say welcome to all the new people that joined the official discord server and followed the Twitter and Youtube accounts. I was working hard in the last weeks, and I didn't have time to say you welcome, so welcome all!!

Also, I want to thank all the people that are sharing the game, and they have made possible to bring more people to the project's official channels.

Retrospective and Future JJVtzbv

The previous two months have been an essential period for the project. As a lot of you already know, the project is in the closed testing stage, and this testing stage is helping the game a lot. The connectivity and the stability of the game have been improved, but there are more problems found in the closed tests to solve, mainly the server low frame rate and synchronization problems. There are advances with these issues but, as you can suppose, this testing period, all the feedback and bug reports sent by the testing people will take more development time.

The Alpha Early Access release was planned for April of 2019, this month, but this release estimation was very optimistic and didn't take into account the time spent improving the alpha version during the closed tests and other delays caused by other issues related with starting a commercial activity. Yes, it was my fault, and it is the second one related to the release day, I know that this type of mistake can frustrate you, so I am sorry for that. 

Retrospective and Future XdTtx9a

The game has less than one year of development, and since the beginning, it has evolved incredibly. But I don't want to develop the game fast to accomplish self-imposed dates, decreasing the quality of the project in the process. Honestly, I think that this game can be one of the best tank simulators in the market, but it is easy to make a poor game without the correct developing procedures. The initial idea was to "handcraft" the game, to make every vehicle bold by bolt, all things step by step, and with this idea the game development will continue.

With all of this, I announce that the game won't be released in April of 2019 due to it is not ready, and the release is delayed until a no determined month of 2019. It is very presumable that this date will be placed in the following two months, but I don't want to make the same mistake a third time, so when I am entirely sure of the release date I will announce it.

Retrospective and Future RkzbXdq

Concept: "Combat compartment with smoke due to bad ventilation of the gun gasses."

Of course, it is not my intention to change the plans, so when the problems found in the closed alpha are solved, and all the things are ready, the Alpha Early Access will be released. That means that there won't be a significant addition of content to the current version of the game, only small additions and bug fixes. So the people who buy the Alpha Early Access will have significantly less content than the people who buy the Beta Early Access. For that reason, the price politics for the different releases have been updated, to encourage people to buy the Alpha and to compensate for the lack of content. The official web site has been updated with this new information.

That was all, thank you for reading, and you can discuss or make questions about this on the forums.

Best regards,

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