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Alpha v0.9.3 Patch Notes Empty Alpha v0.9.3 Patch Notes

on Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:26 pm
Alpha v0.9.3 Patch Notes

  • Shooting notification improvements.
  • Battle map small improvements.
  • Added Kurskreisel gyroscopic compass to the Panzer 4 driver position.
  • Panzer 4/T-34 internal geometry fixes.
  • The internal lighting of the vehicles has been reviewed.
  • Now the internal lights of the player vehicle are on by default.
  • Now the ping is registered more frequently.
  • Now the sky starts are rendered correctly.
  • Now the hatches of the destroyed vehicles are open.
  • Small tweaks and fixes.


  • Now the playing time is registered.
  • Now the last version downloaded is registered.
  • Now the auth. tickets are renewed by the launcher and game client.


  • Added lighting quality setting.

Bug Fixing
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