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Alpha v0.9.3 Released Empty Alpha v0.9.3 Released

on Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:28 pm
Alpha v0.9.3 Released

A new version of the project has been released for testing purposes. You can download it from your profile section on the main project website. It is a .zip file, uncompress it and execute the file in the next path: SGStalingrad/SGLauncher/SGLauncher.exe

This version fixes numerous issues related to network performance and AI behavior. The internal vehicle models have been reviewed, including the lighting, and there has been added the lighting quality setting to the launcher. Check the patch notes.

Testing Focus

  • Check, playing online battles, the server/client connection. You can do this observing the delay between shooting and seeing the projectile, the behavior of the NPC units... etc.

Report all the bugs in the bug reporting section.

You can write formal suggestions in the suggestion section.

Write your feedback in the pre-alpha feedback threads:

Alpha v0.9.3 Released ONkaxoW
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