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How long do you think should the standard mission for multiple players take to accomplish? (Not the short missions or large operations)

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Mission length, how long do you think they should take? Empty Mission length, how long do you think they should take?

on Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:35 am
Hey tankers,

i was thinking about what Missions could be in Steel Gear and how long they should take to accomplish on average.
With different objectives i came up with three scenarios that would take an acceptable amount of time for the effort.
(These missions are for the standard battles and do not include special scenarios or tutorials)

- The shortest type of mission should take about 30 minutes to accomplish for one playercontrolled vehicle with AI backup. It should mostly focus on light tasks like fights against mechanized scouting parties, patrols between bases or maybe supply missions. Depending on how rejoining works we could also have relocating missions to prepare for a bigger task. In these missions the propabilty to meet enemies that prolong too much should be kept to a minimum.

- the standard mission should take between 1 and 2 hours and should be for a small group of playercontrolled vehicles (4-6). These should be your normal engagement missions like destruction of enemy fortifications/armour, protection of convoys and conquest of minor strategic locations. In these missions it should be common to encounter additional enemies but not necessarily, counterattacks should be possible.

- the large operations should take between 2 to 6 hours for multiple groups of players on either side. They should be major offensive actions of one army to conquer territory or destroy large amounts of supply, with multiple smaller tasks for each group of players. In these missions, additional enemy forces should always be expected and new objectives should come up, player vs. player combat should always happen.

The game should prior to each mission give an expected missiontime for more information.

I chose these different scenarios because i think it is important to both have the players enjoy some quick action without much time to prepare, have a task to complete with friends in one evening, as well as give strategic possibilities for squadrons (these should obviously require input from both opposing sides) that require planning beforehand.

Please feel free to write a comment on how long you think the different missions in Steel Gear should be,
you can also leave your vote in the poll on the duration of a standard mission for multiple players.

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Mission length, how long do you think they should take? Empty Re: Mission length, how long do you think they should take?

on Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:03 pm
Nice initiative @Hardmoor

In parallelĀ with the poll, I think that it would be good to post the ideas of the players about the content of the group missions.
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