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Infantry Areas Empty Infantry Areas

on Thu May 23, 2019 5:29 pm
Infantry Areas JXoCB6F

Infantry Areas

At this moment, in the game, the players can move their tanks whatever they want, this includes the interior of enemy bases and positions. This fact causes obvious problems to other players, and it could be a potential exploit. One of these problems is "spawn camping," in other words, the players of one side can flank the enemy spawn's defenses, get inside the spawn area and wait for other players to kill them when they spawn. Another problem is to complete attack missions the players can flank the target guns and destroy them from behind.

To fix those and more problems, a new feature will be introduced in the next version: the infantry areas. Short explanation: there will be exclusion areas surrounding map positions, and if you are inside one of these areas and the area belongs to the enemy side, you will be automatically destroyed. But of course, there is a full explanation for these new areas. All features (or at least the majority of them) in Steel Gear Simulator have a realistic background or origin. In this case, and as you can suppose reading the name, these new areas represent the influence zone of the infantry of one position. Because in one strong point there were not only heavy guns; they were defended by tens of soldiers. If one tank alone was surrounded by tens of enemy soldiers that tank was destroyed and/or captured.

Infantry Areas Infant10

How they work

As you can see in the image above, the map positions now are surrounded by two areas a yellow one and a red one. The red area is the infantry area; if you are inside that area of an enemy position, your tank will be automatically destroyed. The yellow area is the warning area; this area is 100m bigger than the infantry one. If you are inside an enemy warning area, you will receive a warning notification every 10 seconds, at that moment you should move back to leave the area.
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