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Alpha Early Access Available! Empty Alpha Early Access Available!

on Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:03 am
Alpha Early Access Available! AvailableNow

To all new players thank you for supporting the game! 

Create a new game account herehttps://www.steelgearsimulator.com/Access/Register
You can purchase the game herehttps://www.steelgearsimulator.com/Store/BaseGame

These links will be useful for you: 

Alpha Early Access Available! 09cfc9ecdfef219134f927c54129e96d Academy: https://www.steelgearsimulator.com/Documentation/Academy
Alpha Early Access Available! 78200fb6296bd2ab02a834120606ae82 Technical Support: https://forums.steelgearsimulator.com/f5-technical-support
Alpha Early Access Available! 4757a3d415435a57d4db6fca022872e3 Official Support: https://www.steelgearsimulator.com/Home/Support

It is very useful to have a forum account to report bugs, give feedback and to request technical support, you can create a new one here: https://forums.steelgearsimulator.com/register
Please be patient with the game, it is an Alpha version there will be errors and problems, but all can be solved. If you have problems with your account or with payments contact the official support service.
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